If we look back at history, we will see that generations of people around the world have experienced seasons “that try men’s souls.” We believe we are in such a season today. We are in the midst of a critical historical moment where we are being called to not only protect the vulnerable and the sick, but to also demand and pursue justice for those who have been needlessly victimized; all the while protecting our own inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Overview of Film

It is precisely for these reasons that two award-winning production companies, Do What’s Wright and Mount Harvest, have come together to produce a documentary about the catastrophic impact that the Pennsylvania Governor and the Health Secretary’s decisions, in response to the COVID pandemic, have had on people’s lives and livelihoods. These are decisions that have triggered a constitutional crisis in the state of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, this is a story that is being played out, state after state, across our nation.

Goal of Film

As we brace ourselves for the impolitic state-government decisions that will come with the predicted second wave of COVID (and other possible national and state-wide emergencies), we must not ignore or forget the fallout from the first wave of choices: the elderly “death camps”; the destruction of family businesses and livelihoods; the perpetuated mental health crisis; and the decay of constitutional rights. It is the goal of this film to examine the decisions made by the state government’s leadership and the resulting aftermath so that we may reflect, learn, and mobilize to ensure that we never find ourselves in such a state of economic, emotional, social, mental, and physical despair.

Below is a teaser video of the first five minutes of the film.

The Great Suppression Documentary Budget Summary

Equipment & Supplies

Computer equipment, film equipment, hard drives, & office supplies.


Producing, Directing & Cinematography

Film production, directing, cinematography, footage review/organization/transcription, & travel expenses.


Research & Development

Story, branding, design, & research.


Editing through Trailer Creation

Editing, color correcting, sound design/effects, mixing/mastering, motion graphics, score, archival & stock footage, Photoshop, film poster, trailer, flash drive/Blu Ray DVD/DVD/USB/DCP (theater) copies.


Marketing & Fund Raising (prior to release)

11-minute fundraising video, film merchandise & marketing materials.


Legal, Accounting & Insurance Fees

Film copyright & trademark fees, legal fees, accounting fees, & production & distribution insurance.


Website Development & Support

Crowdfunding website, film website, website administration/hosting/domain.


Total $214,553

Funds raised above the amount needed to complete the film will be used for marketing, promotions & mass distribution efforts (e.g., one-night drive-in theater public premiere across PA; website release campaign; submission to film festivals, etc.)

If you want to donate via check, please make it payable to Do What’s Wright Production Company. 

And mail it to PO Box 26, Titusville, NJ 08560.

Be Heard, Make A Change

Join us in the fight for freedom and liberty by donating to this film and by sharing this promotional teaser with those you know are looking to change the trajectory of our great state of Pennsylvania, as well as other states in crisis, and thus become a beacon of hope for our great country.